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Understanding Intellectual Property Law

Joseph Calhoun of Calhoun Law Firm explains the basics of intellectual property law. If you want a better understanding of what IP law means and how it can impact your company, this video will help.

Helpful Tips for Patenting an Invention

This video provides helpful tips and a detailed explanation of patents.  Also, learn when you or your business should consider patenting an idea.


Discover what creative outputs are covered by copyrights and how you can protect the ownership and distribution of your work.

Understanding Trademarks

Learn what a trademark is, and discover the benefits of registering your trademark.

Dispute Resolution

Joseph Calhoun of Calhoun Law Firm explains the basics of handling intellectual property disputes, through arbitration or litigation.

Hiring an IP Lawyer

This video explains the primary considerations for discussing your legal needs with a candidate IP attorney, to match your needs and budget with the attorney’s experience and fields of competence, and to determine which projects might be possible on a fixed-fee basis.

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