Business Start-Up And Expansion

Examples of some of the firm’s non-litigation legal experience
include representation of the following:


  • Universities in pursuing patenting of bio-based, optical, electro-magnetic, electronic, mechanical, software-based and nano technologies, and licensing technology to spin-off companies.


  • A start-up agri-biotechnology company in licensing technology patented by the United States Department of Agriculture, and negotiating sub-licensing with companies within the United States and in foreign countries.


  • An animal feed manufacturing company in structuring domestic and foreign distribution agreements and strategic alliances.


  • An inventor of wound treatment biotechnology (and his succeeding start-up company) in pursuing patenting of technology and registration of trademarks within the United States and in foreign countries; subsequent representation of the inventor in sub-licensing of technology from the start-up company for use in particular fields of use.


  • A start-up veterinary products company in licensing negotiations with companies within and outside the United States.


  • A start-up biotechnology company in obtaining and commercializing patents on environmental remediation technology.


  • Inventors patenting medical devices, and licensing medical devices to major medical device manufacturers.